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Rates & Usage:
REEL SISTERS TALENT AGENCY will quote all talent rates and usage separately as rates apply to session time only. Full buyouts are possible as well. Usage rights are limited to the specific rights granted and may not be extended without negotiation. Client may not use images in any way until fees have been paid in full. We will provide you with a detailed purchase order outlining all usage and rates for signature prior to each booking.


We are happy to help you with basic casting needs for free. We can provide personalized electronic submissions broken down by role or hard copy submissions if necessary. We do ask you to cover fed-ex charges. If you would like us to run an on-camera audition for you, the camera person we hire charges $200 per day/session. Otherwise, we only charge you (with a 20% service fee) when talent are booked.

Tentative Bookings:
If the client does not exercise the option to release or confirm tentative bookings, the agency maintains the right to cancel the booking allowing secondary bookings to take precedence.

Definite Bookings:
All bookings are computed on an 8 consecutive-hour day. Before 9:00, after 5:00, or after 8 consecutive hours, time and one half will be charged unless other arrangements have been negotiated. Weekend rates are to be negotiated separately.

Travel Time:
Travel time must be covered for bookings out of the Greater Wilmington area and will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Preparation Time:

Make-up, hair, dressing and rehearsal time will be charged at full fee.

Within 48 hours prior to the start of the booking, half fee charge. Within 24 hours prior to the start of the booking, full fee charge.

Weather Permit Cancellation:
Same day cancellation, full fee. Weather permit cancellations made earlier are subject to normal cancellation policy.

Product Bookings:
All product bookings are subject to negotiations. Check with the agency for conflicts. No advertising, package, poster, billboard, point of sale, hang-tags, package inserts or use of model’s name may be used without the prior approval of REEL SISTERS TALENT AGENCY.

Client Responsibility:
Disclosure of extraordinary conditions or requirements is mandatory. Clients must provide adequate dressing facilities on all bookings. Clients must advise if booking involves furs, nudity, sheers or lingerie. Television/Video/Film: Must be negotiated prior to booking.

Service Fee:
20% on all non-union bookings and usage fees. 2% late charge per month from date due will be charged on all invoices
not paid within 30 days.