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What exactly is Reel Sisters Talent ?
REEL SISTERS TALENT AGENCY is a full service licensed talent agency servicing clients throughout the southeastern United States and beyond. We represent professional models, actors and children in the areas of Film/Television, Industrial Video, Fashion, Print, Runway Modeling as well as Promotions and Special Events.

Where the heck are you guys located?
REEL SISTERS TALENT AGENCY is located in the PLUM TREE OFFICE PLAZA at 925 South Kerr Ave., Suite K, Wilmington, NC 28403

What are Reel Sisters Talent business hours?
We stay busy most of the day auditioning, booking jobs, and meeting with industry professionals. Please do not drop in. We love seeing our talent, but it must be by appointment only.
Clients may call after hours: 910.470.1990

Who would I be working with in the office at Reel Sisters Talent? 
Gwen and Leslie are the owners. Gwen interviews all agency models & actors and is responsible for new client development. Leslie trains and develops talent as required and oversees agency bookings. 

What kind of outstanding services does Reel Sisters Talent offer?
If you are a client looking for talent, we will assist you in every way that we can to find exactly what you need, in a professional, friendly and timely manner. We represent models, actors and children of all ethnicities and experience levels. Our talent database is completely searchable and we can provide personalized electronic submissions broken down by role or hard copy submissions if necessary. We have facilities at the agency to audition and tape talent for you if necessary and also can bring in a casting director to facilitate things if you need a more extensive audition. If you need to book a job that does not pay, or pays very little, we can email the particulars to our talent and you will receive replies from people who would like the experience.

What are you booking procedures?
For the complete scoop, see our Booking Conditions page .

What are your talent rates?
Our rates are negotiated on a per-job basis. In general our print rate is $125 an hour for a one format/one year usage. Non-union TV runs $375 for a half day and $700 for a full day for one year local usage. Buyouts and additional usage are negotiated separately. Runway shows are $150 for two hours. Promotional and trade show rates range from $20-$150 an hour. There are travel fees for out of the area bookings. We add a 20% agency service fee to all rates. Please feel free to call us with any size budget—we are always eager to make things work for you. Be sure to see our 
Booking Conditions for additional information.